WPA-APD Freestyle Shot Program & Event Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to set guidelines and standards for the newly formed WPA-APD Freestyle division.

Player Qualification

Players will have to qualify for free style events.  Players can qualify one of three different ways.

            1) Shoot 180 or higher in a ranked artistic pool event on 7ft tables

            2) Shoot 160 or higher in a ranked artistic pool event on 9 ft tables

            3) Shoot the same scores in an online qualifier


Online Qualifier

The scoring attempt would be done over skype with a pro players watching the attempt.  The attempt will be done in real time with no pre-recorded videos.  A WPA-APD skype account will be set up so the pro players would not have to give out their personal skype names.  The pros would have the username and password of the account.  The person performing the attempt will need to be able to either zoom in or move the camera if the pro asks to see set ups to make sure they are correct.  The pro can lend help on the shots.  There will be a $100 dollar charge per attempt with $50 going to the pro and $50 going to the APD account.    The money would be paid to the WPA-APD via paypal before the attempt.  Only 1 attempt per skype session unless the player pays again.  People attempting to qualify are to show the pro the utmost respect and comply with the direction of the pro.  If the pro deems the person is disrespecting the pro, the pro can terminate the skype call.  The person’s scoring session ends and no refund given.  The person will not be able to do another attempt until a formal apology has been issued to that pro.   


Shot Program/Format

The base shot program is 50 shots from the 2015 World Artistic Pool Shot Program chosen by the Freestyle shot committee.  Players will submit shots so there is a mix of book shots and new shots.  Players will shoot 10 shots of their choosing encompassing all 8 disciplines.  Players will be able to duplicate 2 disciplines during a match.  Players do not have to shoot disciplines in order.  All shots, book and submitted, will be placed in a shot archive for later use.  The total number of shots available for a tournament will not exceed 150. 


Shot Submission 

All shots will be submitted 3 months before a tournament.  The number of shots that a player will submit is dependent on the number of players in a tournament.  For a 16 player field, players will submit 3 shots each.  For a field of 8 players, players will submit 6 shots each.  Players will need to characterize what discipline their shot fits in.  ie a speed jump shot would be classified as a jump shot and not a special arts shot.  Shots will be submitted to the head of the freestyle committee or another entity if the head of the committee is playing in an event.  This is to ensure that no one has access to the shots ahead of time.  The submitted shots will be sent to all players 2 months before an event.  


Physical Motions

Physical motions are considered non normal acts on a pool table such as shooting one handed and shooting behind the back.  Players cannot combine physical motions during a shot.  Example: A player cannot shoot a behind the back one handed jump shot.  Players are limited to no more than 2 physical motion shots during a match.



Multiple Cues Policy

Players can utilize multiple cues in a shot.  Players are limited to the following while executing a shot.  No more than 3 jump cues at one time.  No more than 2 masse cues at one time.  No more than 2 regular cues at one time.  Players are limited to two multiple cue shots during a match. 


Match Format

Matches will consist of 20 shots total.  Each player will shoot 10 shots.  Players will have 3 attempts to make a shot.  Scoring will be 1 point for a successful attempt and 0 points for a missed shot.  All 8 disciplines need to be represented but do not need to be shot in order. 


Event Format/Seeding of Players

Events will be head to head and a double elimination format.  A snake seeding process will be utilized for events.  Example: Player seeded #1 will shoot the lowest seeded player and so forth.  If the number of players does not fit into a normal bracket, the higher seeded players will have a 1st round bye.  Example: If there are 18 players, the players seeded 1 and 2 with have a first round bye.  The first tournament will be seeded using the APD book rankings.  The following tournaments will be seeded using the freestyle rankings.  Players that have a book ranking that play in freestyle events for the first time will be seeded after freestyle seeded players according to their book ranking.  Example: 3 book players play in the 3rd freestyle event that has 16 players total.  The book players will be seeded 14-16 according to their book rankings.  Players that qualify online will be seeded behind freestyle seeded players and behind book players playing in their first freestyle event based on their qualifying score.  Example: A free style event has 16 players total.  3 players are first time players with a book ranking and 3 players qualified online.  The book players will be seeded 11-13 based on their book ranking.  The online players will be seeded 14-16 based on their score.


Use of Silicone

The use of silicone will be permitted for specific shots.  The original book shots from the 2015 World Artistic Pool Championships cannot be shot with silicone.  Submitted shots will have a silicone option.  A separate cue ball(s) will be used for silicone shots.  The tournament director will apply the silicone before a silicone shot.  The same brand of silicone will be used for all shots.   

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