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2014 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship Crowns 9 World Champions!

The 13th WPA World Artistic Pool Championship finished after 4 days of exciting competition from July 17 – 20, 2014 at the luxurious Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event was held during the 38th BCAPL National Championships under the sponsored venue umbrella of CSI (Cue Sports International). There were 26 Artistic Pool Playing Artists from around the world competing for 9 separate world titles (1 overall + 8 discipline champions).


Thirteen competitive sessions were conducted over the 4-day period with the final session showcasing the top 6 scoring players (after the 1st 6 disciplines). Gabi Visoiu, Nick Nikolaidis, and Abram Diaz were neck and neck on the final few challenges. Valiant efforts by Gabi and Abram to make the 40th shot fell just short of the mark, while Nick was able to execute the final challenge on his 3rd attempt to win the overall Artistic Pool championship title. The winning score was an impressive 277 points out of a possible 320, while 18 players in the field set a record for the most players to score over 200 points in a world championship event.

Artistic Pool focuses on specific cueing challenges skillfully attempted under 8 discipline categories as follows (title winners are listed after each category): 1) Trick /Fancy Shots – Nick Nikolaidis, 2) Special Arts – Tim Chin, 3) Draw Shots – Gabi Visoiu (perfect score), 4) Follow Shots – William DeYonker (perfect score), 5) Bank / Kick Shots – Chris Woodrum, 6) Stroke Shots – Andy Segal, 7) Jump Shots – Jason Lynch, and 8) Masse Shots – Andy Segal. 39 of the shots / challenges were scored under the standard Degree of Difficulty (D.O.D) process in which players receive 3 attempts on each challenge with a full D.O.D. point value earned if the challenge is made on the 1st attempt, 1 point less if made on the 2nd attempt, and 2 points less if made on the 3rd attempt. A special scoring system was used for the other challenge.

Two awards were also presented for special recognition. A Sportsmanship Recipient voted on by the players was awarded to Adam “Carnage” Nickels from England. The Rising Star Recipient Award was presented to William “The Gentleman” DeYonker from Michigan, as the highest scoring player based on designated factors of eligibility. This award idea and medal / ribbon was sponsored by Tim Chin to recognize “up and coming” players in our sport.

We would like to thank: CSI (Mark Griffin, David Vandenberghe, Bill Stock, Ozzie Reynolds and staff) for their hard work and sponsorship in organizing this great event at such a fantastic venue; all of the players that participated / helped to make this a very memorable event; Dr. Cue and Ms. Cue for directing the Championship; the APD committee members for their administrative help; players, fans, and special guests that performed various duties; plus each performer entertaining a large audience during the Saturday night media / fan / sponsor appreciation experience!!

We extend a special “thank you” to all of our valued Artistic Pool monetary / product / service sponsors – WPA, CSI, Dr. Cue Promotions, Robertson Custom Cues, Dr. Popper Jump Cues, Marty Carey Jump Cues, Aramith (TV Pro Cup Cue Balls), Lloyd Hobbs (personal product donation), Jason Lynch for his electronic scoring services; and Brenda Lee’s Mobile Entertainment (special photography / CD / video services).

On behalf of the WPA APD committee board, the 2014 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship was a highly successful event sanctioned under the WPA umbrella for the growing and internationally recognized sport of Artistic Pool.

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