Special Honor / Sport Support



Players on the following list have any “past titles / honors” for Artistic Pool (as documented and approved by the WPA APD) shown after their names in a “concise and summarized format” as a form of historical record of accomplishments for promotional usage and “legacy” registration.


ALL players below have given valued support to Artistic Pool over the years via their magnetic personalities, professional participation skills, and unique talents presented so essential to our sport foundation and as an incentive for others to become an Artistic Pool Playing Artist.

Michael Andrusko – 2013 WC (PS)

Nate Bryant – 2006 WC (PS)

Nick Conti

Michael Davie

Charles Darling – 2000 NAC (2D); 2001 NAC (3D): 2001 WC (C + 3D); 2002 WC (1D); 

2003 NAC (C + 2D); 2003 USOC (2D); 2004 NAC (C + 2D); 2005 CCC (1D); 2005 MC (1D)

Ralph Eckert – 2003 EC (1D); 2003 USOC (1D); 2004 MC (1D); 2004 WC (1D)

Rodney Fontaine – 2011 DCCC (DS)

Stephane Gamache – 2006 MC (1D)

Dusty Geller – 2006 WC (1D)

Steve Geller – 2001 NAC (1D); 2002 NAC (1D); 2003 NAC (DS); 2004 NAC (1D)

Paul Gerni – 2002 NAC (1D + PS)

Larry Grindinger – 2000 NAC (PS)

Graig Harmel

David Head, Jr.

Arturo Hernandez

Mike Jackson

Dave Jamieson

Marcel Kaiser

Jason Kane – 2011 DCCC (1D)

Alexander Kasyanov

Mark Kulungian

Joe LaMaine

Chi-Ming Lin – 2008 WC (1D + PS)

Jimmy Lucas

Matt MacPhail – 2004 LVOC (PS); 2004 MC (PS); 2005 WC (1D); 2006 WC (1D)

Mike Massey – 2000 NAC (C + 4D); 2000 WC (C + 6D); 2001 WC (2D); 2002 NAC (C): 

2002 WC (C + 2D); 2003 WC (C + 1D); 2005 MC (1D); 2005 WC (C + 2D); 2006 MC (1D); 

2006 WC (1D); 2007 USOC (1D); 2007 WC (1D)

Bill Meima – 2004 WC (1D); 2004 CCC (1D); 2006 MC (1D); 2007 MC (PS)

Stefan Mendrick

Michael Mossin – 2003 EC (2D); 2004 EC (1D)

Michael Murray

Gilbert Olsen – 2008 MC (PS); 2009 MC (1D); 2010 MC (1D)

Robert Peacock

Al Relf

Jose Rivas – 2004 LVOC (1D)

Tom Rossman – 2001 NAC (C + 4D); 2001 WC (1D); 2002 NAC (1D); 2002 WC (1D); 

2003 WC (3D); 2003 USOC (PS); 2004 NAC (2D); 2004 LVOC (3D); 2004 MC (1D); 

2004 WC (1D); 2005 MC (1D); 2005 WC (1D); 2006 MC (2D); 2006 WC (C + 1D); 

2007 USOC (C + 3D); 2007 MC (1D); 2008 MC (1D); 2009 MC (2D); 2011 WC (1D) 

Jim Sommer – 2002 EC (PS); 2004 EC (1D)

Lucasz Szywala – 2003 EC (2D); 2003 WC (1D + PS); 2003 USOC (1D); 2004 LVOC (1D); 

2004 MC (C + 1D); 2004 NEC (2D); 2004 WC (C + 3D); 2007 WC (1D) 

Dan Taylor

Peyton Thomas

Sergey Vaskovski – 2004 EC (PS)

Eric Yow – 2006 MC (PS); 2006 WC (1D); 2007 MC (1D); 2008 MC (1D); 2008 WC (1D); 

2009 MC (2D)

Matt Yuhas

Note: Players above are listed in alphabetical order!


Title / Honor Acronym Legend:

C                Champion Artistic Pool Title (Overall)

D                Champion Artistic Pool Title (Discipline) *

PS              Sportsmanship Award Recipient (By Player Vote)

DS              Sportsmanship Award Recipient (By Director / Staff Vote)

RSR           Rising Star Award Recipient (Per WPA APD Player Guidelines)

*  This notation shows the # of disciplines won by the player for the event listed.   

For specific disciplines won, please email: drcue@artisticpool.org

Event Name / Acronym Legend:

NAC                    North American Artistic Pool Championship

EC              European Artistic Pool Championship

WC             WPA World Artistic Pool Championship

MC             Masters Artistic Pool Championship

NEC           Northeastern Artistic Pool Championship

CCC           Comet Classic Artistic Pool Championship

USOC        US Open Artistic Pool Championship

LVOC        Las Vegas Open Artistic Pool Championship

DCCC        Dr. Cue Classic Cup V Artistic Pool Championship

ACSISA     American Cue Sports IL State Artistic Pool Championship

Note: Above events documented and approved by the WPA Artistic Pool Division for “special honor / sport support” listings as of September 15, 2013 * 

Special Note: Anyone that may have played in one of the above events is encouraged to contact the WPA Artistic Pool Division to request valued inclusion on future “special honor / sport support” listing updates.  Requests accepted per the specific “general notes” point of the approved WPA APD policy titled below:

Player “Removal / Transfer / Participation” Policy For WPA Rankings


  • Former” WPA ranked players not on the current ranking list are invited to request inclusion on this “special honor / sport support” list by email to the WPA Artistic Pool Division: dimickmark@aol.com



Policy developed, unanimously approved, & documented by:


WPA Artistic Pool Division          August 27, 2013 

            Policy and player listing updated / verified: 


September 29, 2014 & February 9, 2015

* Player and event listings updated:

August 31, 2015 (after WPA World Artistic Pool Championship)

Complete policy document available at: www.wpa-apd.com