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2017 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship – Press Release


Attention: Players, Fans, and Media / Sponsor Friends Of Artistic Pool! 

The 2017 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship was held January 12 – 15 at the beautiful Bikini Square Convention Center in Xingcheng, China overlooking the ocean. We had 27 players from all over the world, vying for: 8 WPA World Artistic Pool Discipline Champion titles, 1 “overall” WPA World Artistic Pool Champion title, and much more. 

Luke Szywala from Krakow, Poland played Florian Kohler from France, in the semifinals winning 90-88. Sebastian Giumelli from Argentina came thru the preliminary rounds with the highest score at 270 points and moved into the playoff rounds, defeating Charlie Darling 45-29 with both players getting off to a slow start. Sebastian continued his winning way defeating Wang Mengan 82-72 and Chi-Ming Lin 103-79, until finally claiming the overall “championship victory” in a close match in the finals with Luke Szywala 72-65. 

The individual Discipline WPA World Champions were: Florian Kohler with 4 titles: Trick and
Fancy 40 /40 points, Special Arts 39/40 points, Jump 40/40 points, and Masse 38/40 points; Sebastian Giumelli with 2 titles: Follow 39/40 points, Bank/Kick 38/40 points; Luke Szywala winning Stroke with 39/40 points; and Jason Lynch victorious in Draw with 39/40 points. Wang Mengnan was the recipient of both the Sportsmanship Award and the Rising Star Award. 

I would like to thank the sponsors that made this event possible: WPA, WPA Artistic Pool
Division, Xingcheng Rural Commercial Bank, CBSA, WPPA, Star Billiard Tables, LEQI Billiard Cloth, CYCLOP Balls, Dr. Cue Promotions, plus the Chinese table judges and translators, the supporting staff, and all of the players involved. 

A “big” congratulations to Sebastian Giumelli for his outstanding performance and earning the prestigious 2017 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship Title! 

On behalf of the WPA APD, We would like to thank all of the players for their continued support and recognition of the 2017 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship as the only officially recognized championship for Artistic Pool under the WPA umbrella. We look forward to more championships in the near future. 

Mark Dimick, President
WPA Artistic Pool Division

2017 World Artistic Pool Championships

The 2017 World Artistic Pool Championships takes place January 12-15 at the Shanghi Sea Resort.  Players will once again be competing for world titles in the 8 indivudual disciplines of artistic pool as well as the overall world title.  This tournament has one of the largest added money amounts in WPA-APD history thanks to WPPA, CBSA, the Liaoning Sports Council, and the People’s Goverment of Xingcheng.  2016 World Artistc Pool Champion William “The Gentleman” DeYonker will be looking to defend his title against the likes of Abram “Too Tall” Diaz, Florian “Venom” Kohler, and “The Michigan Kid” Jason Lynch, who finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectivly in the 2016 World Artistic Pool Championships.  Please see the attached file for more information.  We are looking forward to a great World Championship.

Please click here for a PDF with more information.

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