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NYC Grind on Dr. Cue Artistic Partners Cup!

The following article comes from NYC Grind. Text and photos by Keith Diaz. View the original version here.

Dr. Cue’s Artistic Pro/Am at Sandcastle Billiards Celebrates the Spirit of Giving!! 


On August 2-3, 2014, Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ hosted the Artistic Partners Cup, promoted by Dr. Cue Promotions and the Gospel Trick Shot Ministries.  The event consisted of professional trick shot artists coupled with amateur artistic pool partners. The interesting twist of this competition was within the format. Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman put together five artistic pool professionals, including himself, with amateur partners that were set to take over most of the spotlight, in that, they would be attempting each challenge twice of the three allowed. If both initial tries failed, the professional would carry on the pressure of successfully completing the shot in only one final attempt.

After the good doctor tallied up all the scores, it was the partnership of amateur Randy Weeks and the legendary Mike Massey to take top honors, with a total score of 166 points. A close second place was awarded to McDermott’s Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch partnered with Brian Pauley (161 points), third place was earned by Tom Rossman and Mike Goras (138 points), fourth place went to Lloyd “Balled Eagle” Hobbs and William Deyonker (121 points), and fifth place to Curtis “Redneck Cue Guy” Robertson and Andrew Sozio (119 points).

For me, the highlight of the event had nothing to do with successful completion for any of the artistic shots, but of Rossman’s generosity.  He put up a collection of medals that he was awarded from artistic competition over the years from all over the world.  An emotional Rossman stated that he wanted them all to hold onto these medals until the day comes where they might find someone special. The person chosen wouldn’t have to be a player, or even involved in the game.  Any good deed would do. He hoped that a day would come when that person passes the medal down to someone else in return.

Rossman requested that a photo be taken of the person given the medal, and he plans to schedule a reunion of the group in twenty years, where they can share the stories of who the medals were given to. The spirit of humanitarianism was in action at Sandcastle, and it was a unique and inspiring take on trick shot competition.

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